UF Integrated Research Support Tool富二代f2抖音污app在线下载

UFIRST is the proposal and award management system of the University of Florida. UFIRST is mandatory for the entry and routing of proposal and agreements managed by DSP. UFIRST allows transparent tracking throughout the lifecycle of the award from proposal development to proposal submission to award negotiation, set up and management. 

The functions of UFIRST include:

  • Collecting institutional proposal data
  • Routing proposals prior to submission to external sponsors
  • Whenever possible, submitting Federal Grant Applications via SF424 electronically to Grants.gov
  • Collecting sponsored and research-related agreement information
  • Tracking negotiations on all sponsored and research-related agreements
  • Collecting institutional award data
  • Hosting Notices of Award
  • Facilitating tracking of award management requests

Contact Us惠州旺公吉科技有限公司

Your feedback is welcomed and appreciated. Email us at ufirst@research.ufl.edu.


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